Reindeer Shuttle was created for the students.

By the students.

Reindeer Shuttle was founded to cater to those who need to travel between Purdue University and Chicago. We offer service to Chicago O'Hare with between at least 4 daily departures.

The students of the future deserve two things at the very least:

  1. 1. Comfortable buses, cost-friendly, and reliable service.
  2. 2. Best customer support and ticketing convenience
  3. Reindeer Shuttle is a Chicago O'Hare International Airport shuttle service based in West Lafayette, Indiana. The company was founded in July 2015 due to the lack of affordable transportation between the Purdue University campus and Chicago.



Where are the bus stops?

At O’Hare, the bus stops are at the Shuttle Center, Door 4 and Terminal 5, Door 5E. At Purdue, the bus stops are at Wiley (on Martin Jischke Dr), the Purdue Memorial Union Hotel, and Beau Jardin Apartments.

Do you issue refunds?

Unfortunately, since our fares are so low, we do not have enough built-in margin to allow for refunds. We apologize for the inconvenience but are happy to announce that ticket changes due to flight delays are completely free. Ticket changes not due to flight changes can be accommodated for a $10 service fee.

How many buses do you operate?

When riding with Reindeer Shuttle, please expect 28, 40, and 56 passenger buses. The fleet size is 11.

How do I take the Reindeer Shuttle?

If you decide to ride with Reindeer Shuttle, thank you for choosing us! We would be honored to transport you to-from Chicago with highest levels of customer service, convenience, dependability, and low fares. There are three ways of getting a ride:

  1. 1. Online booking - this is by far the best method, it guarantees you have a seat and offers the lowest fares.
  2. 2. WeChat / Telephone bookings - guarantees you have a seat but fares may be $5-$10 slightly higher due to service charges.
  3. 3. Showing up at the bus stop - For ultimate flexibility, you may just buy a ticket at the bus stop at the scheduled time. However, the bus may be full so we would not recommend this. Walk-in fares are $49 for students and $55 for adults, still the lowest around!

What time zones are the departure and arrival times listed in?

For passenger convenience, all times are listed in local times. So times for Purdue pickups/dropoffs are in Eastern time and Chicago pickups/dropoffs are in Central time. This is marked in our schedules.

Why are you less expensive than competitors?

We are proud to offer the lowest fares for Chicago O’Hare to West Lafayette shuttle transportation while using some of the best luxury vehicles. 82% of the vehicles used in December 2015 had high quality imitation leather seats, wooden floors, and complimentary WiFi. Our business was started by students, for the students. The mission is to ensure that Purdue students and visitors receive the highest levels of customer service, dependability, and convenience possible.

When and how can I reach customer service?

Fortunately, we do not operate a 9 - 5 business, so any customer questions will be linked directly to our management team and answered whenever possible. We can always be reached by phone anytime there are shuttles in operation, whether at 3:00 AM or Midnight. You may conveniently contact us via Facebook, Email, WeChat, or by phone.