Thousands of students spend hours in our vans.

What do you want them to see or hear?

People who advertise with Reindeer Shuttle:

  • Understand that 90% of Reindeer Shuttle customers are students coming and looking to spend
  • Pay far less than other sources of advertising
  • Know that we are a service by the students, for the students

Reindeer Shuttle vans and buses transport thousands of students back-and-forth from Purdue to O’Hare and serve as an ideal platform for advertising your business. Your advertisement could be the first thing an excited inquisitive student may see on his debut journey to Purdue and last thing that lingers on the student’s mind before he or she gets off our van. We have a variety of options to get your business out there and make the impact you deserve.

Our customer base is comprised of mainly international students who kick-start their independent life and are looking for quality services and businesses to meet their needs. So, let’s work, promote and grow together! Mutual advertising, FTW!

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